Monopoly-style strategy in 3D

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Welcome to the modern multiplayer online game Rentomania, which takes its origins from the original Monopoly, powered with blockchain technology! We are releasing our own Tokens soon based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Absolutely new, fresh, life-breathing 3D city is ready for the best businessmen from around the world to throw the dice and achieve success in single and multiplayer modes!

The streets were replaced by properties, сards with the inscriptions were replaced with real amusing cases, and finally the plump entrepreneur in the cylinder was replaced by a modern and successful businessman, join us!

What we have:

  • Entirely live 3D city;
  • Pleasant sounds that create a nice atmosphere;
  • Game against the computer in single mode;
  • Playing on one device with friends;
  • Rules similar to the original monopoly.

What we are working on:

  • Competitive online multiplayer gaming mode;
  • Own tokens based on Ethereum smart contracts;
  • Win tokens from other players during the multiplayer games
    Tokens will be used as the main game currency, players will be able to purchase the in-app goods using it;
  • Releasing the game for the desktop (Win & Mac) platform.